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CBD Drip Correction



On October 3rd an email blast went out to several stores that contained erroneous information. The email contained the following statement:

Everywhere I go I see CBD products that are overpriced with absurdly low levels of CBD. I see companies like CBD Drip selling 15mg of CBD for $20 or 58mg for $35 to $40!! Here’s why: Manufacturers like CBD Drip mark their products way up when they sell them to distributors, who then marks the products up even more before selling them to the store. In order to make a profit the store has to mark them up too, and before you know it the customer is paying 4 to 5 times what the product actually costs!

The information in the above paragraph is wrong and was poorly worded. First, the owners of CBD Drip (12 Crowns) do not determine the price at which CBD Drip is sold in stores, retailers make that decision. It is incorrect to say that CBD Drip (12 Crowns) is selling their products for the above listed prices. Second, while stores may be selling CBD Drip for the above prices, no CBD Drip product has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $20, or of $35 to $40. The actual minimum advertised price for a 7 ml bottle of CBD Drip Gold is $9.99 and the minimum advertised price for 7 ml bottle of CBD Platinum is $29.99. CBD Drip has no control over companies who may be selling their products above the minimum advertised price.

Additionally, CBD Drip Gold contains 14.5+ mg of CBD, not the 15 mg suggested by the email above.

We at CannaCare have great respect for the CBD Drip product line and the way in which 12 Crowns conducts business. We believe that the CannaCare products (e-liquid and sublingual drops) and CBD Drip’s products (CBD additives) are completely different products going after different sectors of the CBD market and therefore it is not our intention to disparage the pricing structure designed by 12 Crowns or the quality of their products, but rather, we were trying to point out that many stores are forced to dramatically overprice their products and the possible reasons why that happens. We apologize to 12 Crowns and to our customers for the poorly written wording used in our email advertisement as CBD Drip is a quality product that many people are very happy with.

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